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                playing in the woods, and while I was quite familiar with the Super Mario Brothers, I never really understood their passion for plumbing….  And I most definitely enjoyed real wildlife rather than Sonic The Hedgehog.

About Us

 I was an outdoors person from a young age, I won’t even turn on the heating till late December, much to my wife and three children’s annoyance. We’ve lived here in Haslemere all our lives, apart from a year I spent in Toronto (Now that was cold!), and feel this is one of the most beautiful parts of the world to raise children. It’s my passion to add to the beauty that we have inherited by building beautiful outdoor spaces for the whole family.

  My formal qualifications in horticulture and landscape construction were earned at Merrist Wood college in 2005 and 2011 respectively, and have served me very well as I’ve progressed in the industry, leading the construction of some very large projects in and around Haslemere, and passing on skills to the next generation of apprentices.

 I’ve worked in horticulture and landscape construction continuously since I left school back in 1995. I’ll never forget my first ever job, I had to double dig a vegetable patch ready for planting, I remember thinking that this vegetable plot was big enough to feed the whole of Surrey, and I soon learned a very important lesson... Always look at how much you’ve done, rather than how much is yet to be done... a lesson I soon realized had very little to do with vegetable plots.

 My garden and landscape construction began in earnest in 2006 when I joined Transform Landscapes in Haslemere. Well, I started at the bottom, ‘labouring for the skilled man’, but with determination I soon got the gist of the basics, and rising up through the ranks it wasn't long before I was in charge of my own team building some fantastic gardens, even having the privilege of being involved in national award winning projects.

 Water gardens and rockeries are a favourite of mine, there’s a special kind of satisfaction gained from working with rocks to create the most natural looking addition to the garden. In my opinion this is what separates the good landscaper from the bad landscaper, and demonstrates exactly why builders are not landscapers. Landscaping is an art, and such an art is not called on even once in the building trade. Stone should belong to the garden as a visually integral part of the ground, not just plonked there haphazardly.

 Which brings me neatly to garden design… While I do not claim to be a garden designer, I do know, and have worked with enough of them to understand what’s correct and what’s not, what’s neat and what’s cluttered, and I have the details of some very good garden designers who would be more than happy to help you formalize your ideas on paper. 

 Here at The Landscape Company we do not employ anyone without the necessary qualifications and experience to build or maintain your garden, the result is you will not find anyone in our company who is ‘between jobs’, just earning a bit of money to tide themselves over. All our staff are serious about their choice of career and will not let you down, and on the plus side they all hate games consoles too! (or so they’ve told me…)

​Richard Twiddy

  Hi… Nice to meet you…

 I’m Richard, and this is my company. I started this company because of my love for gardens and the outdoors. I spent my childhood surrounded by friends who were more interested in the games console revolution that swept the late 80’s and early 90’s than 


Who Am I?

 Meet The Team...

 We are a team of fully qualified and insured landscape construction and maintenance specialists operating in the Surrey, Hampshire and the Sussex area. Our team have built award winning gardens and understand quality products and know how to deliver client satisfaction. We have spent years using our skills and delivering quality customer service as employees of high end landscape companies to meet all the requirements of our employers and clients.