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  With over 20 years experience in horticulture and landscaping, the landscape company brings you peace of mind with the practical experience that we have gleaned over the years. Our base is in Haslemere which gives us great coverage of Hampshire, Sussex as well as Surrey itself. We pride ourselves on the very best workmanship at competitive prices and I have personally been involved in the construction of national award winning projects for previous companies.

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How Much Will The Garden Cost?

 On this site I’ve taken the liberty of providing unit rate prices on a number of different projects in the garden. While every job is different, these prices are taken as an average and so the actual quotation value shouldn’t be a million miles away from these figures. You can get guide prices for Patios, Fencing, Timberwork and Driveways.

 My hope is to add more and more products as this project moves forward, and give local residents a quick reference guide on quotations they may have already received from other landscapers in the area. 

​ Of course we are more than happy to visit you at your property to discuss your needs and give you ideas and suggestions on projects in your garden. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are more than happy for you to pick our brains and help you to build that dream space outside.​

 Please enjoy our site and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Company

 We strive for a simple approach, from the initial call to you relaxing in your finished outside space, the whole process is effortless. We give you peace of mind guaranteed, our many years of experience in landscape construction and horticulture will steer your project to its successful conclusion.

Strong Leadership

 During the landscaping of your garden your property and neighbours will be respected, we pride ourselves on our customer service and all of our staff are there to help you at every step of the way to achieving that dream outside space. You will not be disappointed.

Design service

 We offer a bespoke garden design service taking into account your needs and desires and making sure that all the features fit well into the new space. We have detailed client consultation processes where your likes and dislikes, desires and budget are taken into account before we begin to draught your garden design onto paper.

 We don’t enforce our ideas onto you, we respect the fact that it’s your garden, it’s your landscape that is being designed and you are fully involved in the process from beginning to end.

 As the URL of this website indicates (, working to a set budget is our speciality, we have many years of costing and resource management experience in the specific field of landscape garden construction to call on. Not needlessly inflated but inexpensive and not corner-cuttingly cheap either!

Plant knowledge

 A fundamental staple of any good garden design is knowledge of your surroundings and horticultural expertise. The Landscape Company have these in abundance as well as a keen understanding of local plants, design and cultural ideas that make our quaint corner of southwest Surrey a unique place to live.

Expert construction

 Our quotations are packed full of construction specifications where applicable. We explain in great detail the way in which your garden features will be constructed, from paving sub bases to jointing method. All dimensions are clearly recorded and represented to avoid any confusion, so you know that what your buying is what you will receive.


 All of our budding landscape gardeners attend local colleges in order to gain horticultural and garden construction qualifications. These include specific units on paving, driveways, lawns, plants and plant science. All of these being carried out in the safest and most conscientious way possible.

 We only employ those who are keenly interested in landscape gardening and horticulture as a professional career choice. You simply will not find anyone in our company who is between jobs, just earning a bit of extra cash to tide themselves over till pay day.

 We are a serious local landscape gardening company with serious aims and clear objectives from the outset. You will not be disappointed in our service.


 Having been personally involved in national award winning landscape gardening projects I am acutely aware of what is require to build and win recognition, not just from national governing bodies, but also from our many satisfied clients. Whether your project involves just a small fence repair or a £1,000,000 complete landscape reconfiguration, we’ve done it all. From huge water garden cascades made with rocks weighing in at several tons a piece, to small courtyards in the town centre.

Landscape Gardeners in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex

Landscape gardening in and around Haslemere couldn’t be better, not only do we have great access to the entire three counties region via the A3, A286 and A287, but thanks to our cultural love for gardens in this part of the world, and virtually every soil type in our 20-mile radius, we are blessed with nearly every garden style imaginable, right here on our doorstep.

 Haslemere sits nestled by hills on three sides which ticks many boxes in terms of aspect, shelter and moisture conditions and that means that a good landscape company based in Haslemere Surrey would naturally have a wealth of horticultural experience without even stepping foot outside the town. With our particularly unusual southwest Surrey soil, being freely draining very acid sandy and loamy, our natural vegetation includes acid grasses, pines and coniferous trees. But with a little work it’s very possible to have a wide variety of plants in our corner of Surrey.

 Further afield, landscape gardening in Guildford offers chalk soil, so more alkaline solutions should be considered. Avoid rhododendrons, Camellias and other ericaceous plants. Instead try plants such as: - Ceanothus, Campanula, Clematis, Dianthus, Geranium, Lavandula to name just a few.

 Clay in Cranleigh means nutrient rich soil and can thus support a considerable range of plants including: - Mahonia japonica, Hydrangea, Sorbus aria 'Lutescens', Hardy geraniums, Viburnum × bodnantense 'Dawn', the list goes on.

 By far the best thing about working outside as a landscape gardener is the seasonal shifts in weather and temperature. Who doesn’t love the fresh new shoots in springtime, the paint box of colour in the summer to the golden leaves and bright red Acers in the autumn. The Landscape Company will help you achieve that beautiful garden you’ve always dreamed of at any time of the year.

Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex are awash with every imaginable style and genre of garden from classic English country gardens to crisp contemporary themes. As professional landscape gardeners we have a wealth of experience with every imaginable style of garden and landscape design.

Woodland Themes

1. When planning your woodland garden theme, it’s important to avoid straight lines. Woodland themes should really be as natural as it gets, so paving and pathway options tend to be stepping stones or gravel that meanders its way through your setting.

2. Very low maintenance.

3. Planned in or bordering a mature woodland.

Under planting – Include native plants such as Convallaria majalis and Dactylorhiza fuchsii for Grasses include Deschampsia cespitosa 'Bronzeschleier' and don’t forget Digitalis purpurea 'Pam's Choice' good old foxgloves.

Other native woodland plants include: -

Geranium sylvaticum 'Mayflower'

Galium odoratum

Euphorbia amygdaloides var robbiae

Iris foetidissima

Lychnis flos-cuculi

Myrrhis odorata

Polygonatum odoratum

Primula vulgaris

Symphytum x uplandicum 'Moorland Heather'

Contemporary Gardens

Some general pointers on contemporary themes:

1. A good base such as whites and greens as a colour scheme. Complemented with hard features like pale sandstone (Fossil Mint) or immaculate white or ivory gravel to create elegant paths or a patio area.

2. Paint any rendered or brick walls and fences white. Painted brickwork lends an extra element of texture to the design.

3. Repeat - Repeat - Repeat your planting patterns, this will bind the garden together as a singular piece. A row of specimen trees maybe, paperbark birch Betula papyrifer, and lines of box bushes Buxus semperivens. Plant Bamboo Phyllostachys nigra for height and dense cover and complement with broad leaved plants such as Fatsia japonica and Acer palmatum.

4. Again, Box Buxus cut into balls of all sizes give the garden a staged theme and although hardly seen in the summer months through all the billowing planting, they stand proud in the winter months and really hold the garden together.

5. Contemporary planting tends to have a 'glue' plant, one that's in every border and lasts a long time through the summer. One example is Verbena bonariensis, which forms a haze of purple hovering above all other planting.

6. Other structural plants include grass varieties such as Miscanthus 'Flamingo' AGM, Festuca glauca 'Blaufuchs' blue. Or Phormium tenax for some serious architecture with bold red flowers.

6. Remember that contemporary designs are pared-back, not empty but just selective, don’t include anything too faddy and anything that sits in isolation without reason.

7.  Ornaments placed at regular intervals gives order.

8. Furniture, natural materials provide another contrast to the immaculate planting patterns and the crisp, white surfaces. Options include a driftwood bench, or even a well-worn trough.

9. For several years horizontal battens on fencing have been the look for contemporary gardens. They do look great but can be overwhelming, so break up the lines with strong uprights and try not to have them on all sides or you'll feel like you're in prison!

10. Lighting is absolutely essential for contemporary gardens. Good lighting is always about what you light, rather than the light fixture. Focus spotlights on elements such as textured brickwork or the repeated patterns of planting to emphasise the design.

Mud – To a beautiful landscape

 Landscape gardening is an art, if done correctly you will reap many years of enjoyment and satisfaction from your outside space. Whether you wish to grow your own vegetables or play football with the kids, your outside space has the potential to offer you great things.

 Does your garden need some serious reshaping – A tennis court, a terraced slope or a sunken garden. With very large excavation equipment at our finger tips, we have the experience and expertise to create your landscape from the bottom up.

Small jobs

 The Landscape Company takes on many small landscaping jobs within our local area, from small fence repairs to fixing loose paving.

Water Gardens

 Water gardens are a personal favourite of mine, with the right setting and natural undulations water gardens can sit as an integral part of your outside space.

 Water gardens provide instant relaxation. The sound of the waterfalls and spills and seeing the swimming fish give your garden a sense of life that is unparalled by any other garden feature, attracting all sorts of bathing birds, drinking butterflies, frogs and toads.

 Pond plants add a new dimension, with the opportunity for marginal plants, lilies, and many other plants of interest only available with the addition of a water feature.